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Self-motivated developer & designer with tech skills who enjoys building great and innovative tech solutions.

  • Website: www.Hoplay.com
  • Phone: (+966) 569-194-816
  • City: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Degree: Bachelor of computer science
  • Email: khaled.f.alhindi@gmail.com
  • Freelance: Available

CEO and Co-Founder of Hoplay


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React Native 80%
ionic 72%
Data Analytics40%
Strategic Planning88%
Financial Management72%
Project Management95%
Web Design 78%
UX/UI 83%
Flutter 35%




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Khaled Alhindi

Innovative and deadline-driven Entrepreneur with 9+ years of experience in Entrepreneurship and development...

  • Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
  • (+966) 569-194-816
  • khaled.f.alhindi@gmail.com


Business Strategy Execustion

Jan 2024

Harvard Business School, United States

Blockchain Technology

Jan 2022

The Financial Academy, Saudi Arabia, Riyadh

Mobile UX & UI Design Specialist

Dec 2019

XDI, Germany, Berlin

Build Web Applications With React

Oct 2018

Learning Tree International, United States, Washington D.C

Bachelor of science in computer science

Jan 2018

King Saud University, Saudi Arabia, Riyadh


Chief Technology Officer

Full-time at Trh Capital
Apr 2023 - Present

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  • Spearheaded the assembly of a high-caliber development team
  • Oversaw the creation of a comprehensive Islamic Sukuk crowdfunding platform, covering both front-end and back-end aspects
  • Pioneered the development of efficient SAAS products to enhance user experience
  • Ensured stringent compliance with updated CMA regulations by integrating necessary updates
  • Established robust quality assurance processes to monitor platform performance
  • Worked in synergy with the business team to shape company strategies

Board Member & CTO

Part-time at Legends Gaming
Nov 2021 - Present

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  • Established a clear vision for the company's technology utilization and created goals and timelines for research and development efforts
  • Developed and aligned technical strategies with the company's business objectives
  • Ensured that technological resources meet the company's short and long-term needs while adhering to regulatory standards and compliance
  • Spearheaded the identification and implementation of innovative technologies that provide competitive advantage
  • Led and managed large teams, big data, and the product life-cycle while mentoring team members
  • Oversaw system infrastructure to ensure optimal functionality and efficiency and implemented quality assurance and data protection processes
  • Monitored IT budgets and KPIs to assess technological performance and leveraged stakeholders' feedback to recommend necessary improvements
  • Communicated tech-strategy to partners and investors and made executive decisions on behalf of the company's technological requirements
  • Maintained a customer-focused outlook and successfully delivered IT projects to market
  • Built quality assurance and data protection processes

Co-Founder & CEO

Self-employed at hoplay.online
Jun 2016 - Present

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  • Successfully led and managed a team of 25 employees and interns to achieve business goals
  • Secured funding through the TAQADAM | InspireU accelerator programs and multiple rounds of investments
  • Awarded the first prize of one million SAR in the General Entertainment Authority (GEA) 2019 competition, validating the startup's innovative idea
  • Conducted thorough customer interviews to develop an effective business model and enhance the user experience of our product
  • Developed and maintained the front-end and back-end of the official Hoplay smartphone application in-house
  • Received investment offers and potential partnerships from industry giants such as Google, Astrolabs, and Falak
  • Established long-term partnerships with seven gaming centers across Saudi Arabia
  • Built a comprehensive business intelligence system utilizing Python technologies to provide valuable business and marketing insights
  • Designed the UI and UX of the website and app, ensuring a seamless user experience
  • Successfully negotiated a partial acquisition deal worth over 2.3 Million SAR

Chief Technology Officer

Self-employed at TXperience
May 2023 - Present

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  • Directed the management of technology projects, ensuring timely delivery and adherence to the highest standards
  • Successfully expanded the client base, contributing to the company's growth and increased market presence
  • Founded and developed a new sales team, providing comprehensive training to enhance their skills and performance
  • Authored and presented proposals to numerous clients, effectively communicating the value and potential of our solutions
  • Designed and implemented innovative fintech solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of various clients, reinforcing our position in the fintech sector
  • Oversaw developer capacity, ensuring optimal allocation of resources and on-time project completion
  • Provided holistic support across all aspects of the software development lifecycle, from conceptualization to deployment, ensuring seamless operation and client satisfaction

Product Development Consultant

Part-time at Diet Watchers
Dec 2023 - Present

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  • Oversaw the recruitment of a Development Team Lead, providing guidance to ensure all development tasks were monitored and completed within deadlines
  • Balanced expectations between company stakeholders and the development team, ensuring clear communication and alignment on project goals
  • Established and refined development processes for app and web platforms, enhancing efficiency and product quality
  • Provided expert technical advice to inform strategic business decisions, ensuring technology choices aligned with company objectives
  • Developed a framework for ongoing technical evaluation and improvement, keeping the company at the forefront of industry advancements
  • Facilitated cross-functional workshops to foster understanding and collaboration between technical and non-technical teams
  • Led the integration of agile methodologies, improving project flexibility and team responsiveness to change
  • Conducted technology risk assessments, mitigating potential issues before they impacted project timelines or outcomes
  • Championed the adoption of cutting-edge technologies and practices, driving innovation and competitive advantage
  • Cultivated a culture of excellence within the development team, emphasizing continuous learning and professional development


Self-employed at 6ardy
Sep 2023 - Present

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  • Designed and launched the 6ardy store website, creating a user-friendly digital platform for product display and sales
  • Authored a comprehensive sales plan, detailing strategies for product promotion and customer engagement
  • Analyzed potential sales strategies, studying market trends to identify effective sales channels and tactics
  • Acquired marketing skills to implement diverse strategies, enhancing brand visibility and product reach
  • Conceptualized and developed the 6ardy product, overseeing its design, production, and quality assurance processes
  • Conducted extensive market research, gathering user feedback and conducting surveys to understand customer needs and preferences
  • Analyzed feedback and survey data to inform product development and marketing strategies
  • Identified and planned additional features for future product models, ensuring the product remains competitive and meets evolving customer expectations

Development Team Lead

Part-time at MAL
Dec 2023 - Jan 2024

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  • Led a team of developers in the rapid development and delivery of client and merchant platforms, along with a dashboard, within a tight timeframe
  • Ensured alignment with stakeholder expectations throughout the development process
  • Facilitated daily/weekly scrum sprint reviews to keep requirements updated and track task progress
  • Streamlined communication channels between team members and stakeholders to enhance project transparency and collaboration
  • Addressed and resolved challenges proactively, minimizing disruptions to project timelines

Chief Technology Officer

Full-time at Scopeer Fintech
Jul 2022 - Apr 2023

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  • Recruited and assembled a highly-skilled development team
  • Architected and implemented a comprehensive equity crowdfunding platform, covering both front-end and back-end elements
  • Designed and developed an efficient fund distribution platform
  • Maintained compliance with the latest CMA regulations by proactively integrating necessary updates into the platforms
  • Led a development team to construct a rewards-based crowdfunding platform
  • Ensured stringent quality assurance processes were in place to monitor platform performance and adherence to standards
  • Collaborated closely with the business team in formulating company strategies

User Insights specialist

Nov 2020 - Jul 2022

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  • Analytical player in identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats while defining tensions and triggers and its implication on customer experience, brand and business performance.
  • Integrated and managed the development of the CX performance dashboard while ensuring it captures all required CX metrics throughout the customer value chain and touchpoints.
  • Managed all operational tasks related to extracting data, customer, and consumer-related insights and liaising with internal and external stakeholders to ensure timely and quality delivery.
  • Led on crafting analysis and deriving consumer and customer insights that enable a more informed planning and decision making by working closely with internal matrix stakeholders ( Commercial & Operations, Consumer Insights, Marketing, IT & Customer Care Centre).
  • Developed monthly and performance reports and maintain all historical data and reports.
  • Measured , monitored and analyzed the performance based on the defined KPIs.
  • (Front-End Developer)

  • Developed a gaming app using React Native

Founder & Developer

Oct 2022 - Present

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    an innovative initiative aimed at simplifying the pursuit of finding a soulmate. Matchify is a pioneering marriage-centric application that seamlessly connects individuals with their potential life partners. Through this project, we've developed a unique, intelligent filtering system that aids users in finding their perfect match. This system takes into consideration an individual's preferences, values, and compatibility, thus customizing the matchmaking process to ensure highly personalized results


Jun 2023 - Present

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    Qaswarah: Real Estate Investment Platform Qaswarah is a cutting-edge real estate investment platform I developed, designed to seamlessly connect investors with prime real estate opportunities. With an intuitive interface, the platform offers real-time property tracking, investment risk analysis, and a curated portfolio of lucrative properties. Prioritizing user experience and security, Qaswarah stands as a modern hub for smart, digital real estate investments


Jul 2023 - Oct 2023

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    HiLashes Salon Reservation Website, tailored to simplify the booking process for their dedicated clientele. Featuring an intuitive interface, it allows users to effortlessly schedule appointments, choose specific lash treatments, and view available time slots. With a focus on enhancing customer convenience and optimizing salon operations, this website stands as HiLashes' digital gateway to beauty and elegance

Founder & Business Analyst

Feb 2023 - Present

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    A forward-thinking initiative aimed at revolutionizing property showcasing through the use of immersive 360-degree virtual tours. As part of the project, we designed an interactive service, which can be experienced through the example we've created. This service allows users to explore properties with lifelike precision, offering high-quality visuals and effortless navigation

Co-Founder & Team Leader

Jan 2022 - Jan 2023

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    Presenting the Retiks Project - an e-commerce dropshipping venture specializing in the technology sector. With a primary focus on selling a diverse array of tech accessories and cutting-edge gadgets, we have curated a selection from globally renowned brands to meet our customers' varying needs. The core goal of the Retiks Project has been to streamline access to technology, making it financially viable and user-friendly. This project gave us the opportunity to navigate the intricacies of the dropshipping business model while also enabling us to delve deeper into the world of technology retail. Join us in celebrating the success of Retiks, a testament to democratized and accessible tech

React Native Developer

Jul 2021 - Sep 2021

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    (React Native Developer)
    You have a list of your friends, you gonk them to send them random sounds. Gonk. It’s that simple.

React Native Developer

Apr 2021 - May 2021

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    (React Native Developer)
    Watcherz is your one-stop shopping app for authentic watches, jewelry and accessories with over 60 well-known fashion brands. With so many different styles and materials to choose from, you can pick one that best complements your personality. Watches are available in different types ranging from classic, casual, luxury, analog and hybrid watch styles to smartwatches that suit your persona and mood. Wearing the right accessories can enhance your look. The beauty of jewelry enhances manifold when it is in the form of a complete set. We have introduced Click and Collect facilities for Watcherz app customers to pick up their items from one of hundred Watcherz stores near you.

StartUp Consultant

Aug 2018 - Dec 2020

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  • Helped and guided a team of eight college students to develop a full e-commerce online platform.
  • Assisted in the development and reviewed Gonsole’s business plan and investor pitch deck.

Full Stack Developer

Calories Website

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    Developed (Calories)
    web application used to help Saudi restaurants to add their meals and calculate the total calories and nutrition facts for each meal.

    (Full Stack Developer)

Ionic Developer

Aug 2018 - Oct 2018

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  • cross-platform app helps you to communicate and get any information from anyone live in Saudi Arabia.
  • You send an anonymous pigeon (message) to Jeddah and only people lives there can respond to your message.

Co-Founder & CEO

Jul 2017 - Apr 2018

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  • I worked as a Team leader managing tasks between partners.
  • Full-time Android Native Developer.
  • Full-time web developer.
  • Business Analyst.

Flutter Developer

(غذاء ودواء) Application

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    Developed (غذاء ودواء)
    The official SFDA app shows the latest drugs & food warnings , all the related SFDA news and all the awareness campaigns.

    (Full Stack Developer )

Flutter Developer

Tammini application

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    Developed (Tammini)
    Healthcare app used by the consumers to help them get information about any local drug or food.

    (Front End Developer)

Project Manager

Whatsapp Bot (Sara Chatbot)

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    Managed & Developed (Sara Chatbot)
    The official SFDA chatbot helps the consumers to get any information or report any local drug or food.

Android App Developer

Self-employed in G-Booster
Jan 2017

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    Developed an Android app that lets you either request a rank boost in (Rocket League, Overwatch, League of Legends) or be a booster.

Project Manager

Jun 2016 - Jun 2017

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  • Managed a team of eight software engineers and tested the final product to ensure quality.
  • Reduced the app development cost by 30% while sustaining the same quality through multiple negotiations with large software developing companies.

information Technologist Intern

Saudi Aramco
May 2016 - Aug 2016

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

  • Developed a report to compare the current operator of Aramco’s database in contrast of using MYSQL.
  • Learned how to monitor and organize database using shell scripting

Mobile Game Developer

Shimatta Ninja
Jan 2016 - May 2016

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    Worked on GameSalad engine to experience the game development field and I developed this lovely game "Shimatta Ninja", It's only available on google play.

Salesman & Software Developer Intern

MicrArt Group Company
Mar 2015 - Sep 2015

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  • Generated more than $10k of revenue to the company in less than a month through advertisements.
  • Helped in developing different industrial projects for our clients.


My Services

App Development

Shape Your Ideas And Requirements Into A Ready-To-Use Solution.

App UX / UI

adventure with a great app design that is easy to use and gives the users a positive experience.

Web Development

Professional Website with Stunning Graphics & Functional Enhancements.

Web UX / UI

adventure with a great web design that is easy to use and gives the users a positive experience

StartUp Consultation

provide short-term advice, guidance, management, and implementation for key initiatives in startup.

Insights & Data Analytics

scrutinizes information using data analysis tools and list and manage all different data tools integrations.


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Community for Gamers


Bidding System


anonymous Massaging App


Keep gonking your friends until you die!


Online Shop

Shimatta Ninja

Mobile Game


Gaming Booster App

غذاء ودواء

official SFDA App


Calories calculator

Legends Gaming

Official Legends Gaming Website


Healthcare App

Sara Chatbot

Whatsapp Chatbot

Scopeer Equity Crowdfunding

Equity Crowdfunding Platform

Scopeer Fund Distribution

Fund Distribution Crowdfunding Platform

Atheer Rewards

Rewards Crowdfunding Platform


Software Development Services


Personalized Matchmaking Platform

Trh Capital

Islamic Sukuk Crowdfunding


Software Development House


Invest In Real-Estate


Lashes Salon


Real-Estate Analytical Platform


Customized Smart Boxes


Real Estate Management


Unifying Loan Offers


Immersive Virtual Tours, Revolutionizing Property Showcasing


Dropshipping Online Store

Diet Watchers

Healthy Food Plans


Loyalty System


Games Marketplace


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